tirsdag den 30. marts 2010

onsdag den 10. marts 2010

Yeah, so the other day my friend Klaus remarked that this blog was one of the most boring things he ever saw. He said it needed pictures and videos. Now, I haven't really got anything entertaining in my private vaults, well, other than the video of said Klaus drumming and screaming over at facebook... So, instead of showing you more footage of that or of me looking for a screw driver , I'll hook you up with some of the tunes that have inspired the music we're recording these days. Look below! Finally, I have sort of come up with a tentative title for the album: 'Flux' – but I'm still thinking about it. Oh, and I've been asked by Marybell Katastrophy to remix a new song of hers. I am honored to have been asked as I have a great deal of respect for Marie and her music and her partners in crime. I can't wait to get going as soon as we need a break with the album. On to the videos, well, links, really. I've included a little comment to each song.

Silo This is one of my all-time favorite bands. They're so circular and hypnotic, beautiful and packed with beautiful tonal and rhythmic systems, and this track is no exceptions. I recommend the album Alloy!

Talk Talk This is just great, man. Please note the passage from 2:25-3:05, and the mellow ending. Music doesn't get any better than this!

Meshuggah The evil twin of talk talk! Seriously. They are connected in some weird way that I'm trying to figure out. Awesome, hypnotic music. This is the opening passage of my favorite album, Catch 33. Pure enlightenment!

Hooray for earth My aquintance Noel's band. I love his melodies and adventurous song structures and the potential for heaviness that all their songs contain. Great music. They're releasing a new album soon and I can't friggin wait :)

God bless!

tirsdag den 2. marts 2010

Aight. So we’re still recording guitars, one song a day, taking our time, nice and easy. Last night we had a breakthrough, though. One of the tracks that I had dreaded recording because of the pretty complex – and fast – chord structures was done. And it wasn’t even that difficult, hehe. See, we cheated a bit. I’d grab the first chord and play along, and then Kenneth would sit right by me with his hands in place for the second chord, so I’d just let go of my chord and continue playing with my right arm, yeah? And it sounds as though I’m a totally awesome musician now! I figured that if it sounds good, it is good. I’m not that much of a puritan anymore. Furthermore, the song has a pretty complex ending with a whole bunch of guitars and synths on top of each other, yet we didn’t quite know how to finish it, round it of. I was screwing about with some harmonies on the guitar, and there it was… it sounds like perception melting, a collapse of consciousness, very “blaaaaargh”. All in all a good night last night! Today – after work – we’ll get to work on some drum-programming at my house. The song It’s All About Love needs some assistance in the drum department in the verses. Oh, and on a personal note, I’m going skiing with my friend Torsten soon. I have absolutely no monies so take the Cabin Fever Purchase Vow as a stress relief for me. Repeat after me: “Yes, I will buy your album - for myself and a couple of friends. Or at least give you a very generous donation. Yes, the music is godlike awesome. Yes, you of all people have tapped into the truth about all that is awesome.” See! Now, that wasn’t hard now was it?