onsdag den 23. juni 2010

News from the beyond!

Booyakasha! So lemme tell you 'bout the goings ons in malpractice country. Firstly, let me apologize for the infrequent updates as of late. Not that anyone is reading though... at least I don't think there are... hello? Anyone there? Hello? Hmm. Perhaps you just have better things to do, and who the fuck could blame you? Well, the main reason for the silence has been that we've been recording vocals, which I dreaded getting started on (consult the last entry). However, things have turned out much better than expected. I just needed to get into it again, you know, singing. I don't sing much. I can't because of my neighbours and stuff, and it's been forever since the last i am bones show, or beta satan for that matter. So, I was pretty rusty getting started. But we worked at a pace of roughly 1½ song pr day only interrupted by world cup football and a committed alcohol abuse. So, now we just need to sing on three more tracks, re-record another track (fucking hell), a touch-up-session and then of course mixing and mastering. The new and improved deadline is july 1st, however, that is impossible, so now it's the day before departing for a fortnights vacation, jule 14th. Which is very needed by now... all of this album shite, and then university exams on top of it. It surely has been an eventful year! Stressful, yes. Boring, hell no! Somewhat annoying, yeah kinda.

tirsdag den 1. juni 2010

Oh, hi! How ARE you doing? I ask because I've figured out a way to open up for comments on this damn blog. Things are moderately OK over here, I suppose. But. The album-stuff keeps dragging out and I'm about to go nuts and have become somewhat of an asshole regarding the whole process. However, we are seeing more and more green bars in the studio. No, we are not on mushrooms, it's the system we have on Kenneth's computer to see how far we've come, you know, by the colours of the folders on the computer; we paint them green in order to point out that, hey, this is pretty good. Speaking of pretty good, we've actually had a couple of pretty good days and we are not far from starting the recording of vocals on a bunch of tracks – an absolutely horrible stage, comparable to the last days of a romantic relationship. This is the where the separation phase begins for me. The only pieces of gut-wrenching, skull-fucking, annoying pieces of shite that's left to do before that final, god awful stage, are solving a drum problem or two and re-recording some plague-ridden guitars, oh, and I fucking have to re-write some gangrene lyrics too – which i HATE. If writing lyrics is having to endure a biopsy, having to sing them is receiving the terminal diagnose. So basically, if I die before this album is done, I'll kill myself. All this talk serves to vent my frustration, of course. Whenever I feel this level of artistic AIDS I remind myself that the material is actually still pretty strong, and the reason I get worked up or bogged down is because I actually still care – a fact I hope will eventually be reflected in the final result. So uhm....... yeah... basically.... Both Kenneth and I will probably have to see a therapist after this is done – a fact the buying public MUST recognize and PITY by appreciating the end result. Ahem!