onsdag den 28. april 2010

Perhaps it's time for a wee update. Things are looking up! Slightly. A lot of stuff has fallen into place in the last 48 hours. Tomorrow I'll be puttin' my signature on a new record deal, some shows are as good as confirmed, the first track is all done and now only needs mixing and mastering, oh and – on a personal note – May looks as though it is going to be the busiest period of my life ever. Tons of exams, record stuff, the INTERspot-art-concert-thingy with q, and a remix-track I am working on for my friend Marie. I'm totally redoing a new song of hers called Difference. It's sleazy and funky and delightfully disgusting.. like, lenny-kravitz-makin'-slo-mo-love-to-barry-white-sleazy. Here's a little teaser.


Here are some videoes and some photos of the last couple of days in the studio :)

mandag den 12. april 2010

Ohai. So. Album's still pulling teeth. However, we've set some deadlines that look possible. Hell, they bloody well have to be, because – honestly - I'm fucking fed up with this piece of shit right now. The songs are friggin killer, but we just need some coherent time to get into the grooves, man. Time is being eaten by university and work, and that sucks. So, we've worked out a trip to Kenneth's summer abode on the eastern coast of Jutland come mid may, and the aim is to finish the first single, entirely, for release june 1st. The deadline for the master is july 1st. So the release is set to be, like, mid-september, or something like that... Depending on my new label's release schedules. I'll tell you more in a month's time, when everything will has been put down in writing.

In other news. A brilliant idea has popped up. Arh, a sort of brilliant idea... See, I used to love the concept of b-sides back in the day. Some of my favorite tracks in all the world are the contorted, ugly songs bands hid on the flip-side of their singles. Like a peak into the band-abyss. So, when I'm not doing album-stuff, I'm working on a couple of exclusive extra tracks for the iTunes singles that will come of the album. I think the tracks will be cover-songs and outtakes, just recorded at home. It's gonna be great, and I hope I find enough time to follow the idea to the end.

Oh, and in these troublesome, woesome times... The headquarters look to this track for strenght... as a good friend put it earlier today: it is hell disguised as the heavenly blessing. Jesus Christ. Just fucking listen to it! It makes me want to kill myself again and again and again and poke out my eyeballs and shove them up my ass. Horrid, indeed. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF7H9Ri7o-0


lørdag den 3. april 2010


So what's new? Nothing much. We had three consequtive days lined up, but the first one was abandonned because Figurines and Q had to use our ”studio” to mix some new tracks of theirs. It turned out excellent, and y'all should consider yourselves lucky to be blessed with such beautiful music soon. We met up with them in the evening and had a great night out. Good times.

Day 2 was marked with heavy hang-overs from the night before, so Kenneth and I spent the better part of the day staring at the guitars, and feeling guilty for not getting shit done. Or perhaps the guitars we're staring at us. Fuck it, all I know is that there was a lot of guilt! However, a meal and a six-pack later, we got working on the track Oh, The Irony. We had been post-poning it indefinitely because it's really difficult, but perhaps the hang-over facilitated the session – we did the entire thing A to Z in just a matter of hours. Totally awesome. It went from the bottom of my list to one of my favorite tracks, like this *snaps fingers*.

Thinking we could pull off the same with brand new track The Human Condition on Day 3 proved fullblown, outbreak-AIDS, though. No progress. Kenneth worked on the aesthetics of the song Spasm instead. I think it turned out OK, but we have to re-record the guitars now, because of the shift in aesthetics. Oh, and this morning my throat's all tied up. Coming down with a cold I guess, for the fourth fucking time in the past six months, dammit! Anyway... Now, I'll work a bit on the Krautrock-track. I still haven't written a single word or fleshed out a melody yet, so that needs to get done. Happy easter. Here's a little thingy that got cut: