fredag den 25. februar 2011

Look at that thing go! He haulin' ass!

Children, gather round. I have been neglecting you. And for that I apologize. It's just not as interesting to keep this blog-thing up now the record's done and out and everything. What's to tell, really? Because writing, recording and contemplating back and forth is really the fun part for me, believe it or not (not really, ok it is, no it isn't). However, I've found a new love that I suppose would be of some interest perhaps. Who the fuck cares? Well, one must assume you do since you are reading, right? Right. (Notice the Lack-reference in those two rights?) Alright, so we've been out playing. A tour. And I've become aware of the most curious thing. I was aiming for precision and minute planning in regards to the execution of the songs in the live context. But then one night at rehearsals we conjured up this totally improvisation-able acid-techno-thing and an entire new world opened up. Instead of me being the boss and hysterically dictating how the shit'd go down, my mates went into creative-mode and breached a lot of the levees I'd set up, and lo and behold, it was way more fun to do that than tagging along some already sketched out course. God damn. So, I think what we're looking to do is to work more as a team now. I've said so before, in I Am Bones, but now, older and wiser, I think I'm actually ready to let go of my stuff and not just say I am. Because, who the fuck cares anyway, right? Right. I might as well see where ever my best friends in the world's ideas take me and us. Speaking of awesome people: We're pretty much set on including Marybell-Marie on a regular basis of the live crew. She'll be taking over some of the percussion, guitar and vocal-duties, which would enable me to just sing instead of playing fucking guitar, which takes up a lot of focus for me. I really want to better myself at singing. Yeah, and regarding new material... Well, I've not had a single weekend since October for writing. I need some damn time off from work and school, but I don't think I'll be lucky enough to have that anytime soon, so, yeah. New stuff will come eventually, I'm sure. No need to rush things. However, I think I have worked out the philosophy for the next album... I be seeing you bitches soon, aight. Peace out, y'all. Boo!