søndag den 31. januar 2010

Hey. Alright, so how's the little album coming along then? Well. Things aren't as simple as I had projected, of course. We're on a tight budget, so we can't afford extravagant studios and what not, so we decided to do the entire thing at beta satan's rehearsal space on account of the fact that we've gathered a fair amount of recording equipment there over the years. However, the room itself isn't suited for recording drums. It sounds tiny and makes the drums sound like hitting wet cardboard with a sausage, which is kinda not what we are looking for. So we tried recording the drums in two different corners of the room, and even the adjacent kitchen, and by golly, it just won't work. So, we're in the process of booking some studio time, stretching the aforementioned tight fucking budget, dammit!

Here's a video of little drummer boy mr Q screwing around with an ebow and me looking for a screwdriver. Riveting stuff right here.

and here are a couple of wide-lens photos for your visual enjoyment. How about that.

The daily diet consists of bananas, kanelgifler, coffee, cigarettes and a couple of beers in the evening. I find recording processes annoying and tedious and frustrating, so it's nice to eat crap and hang out with my buddies while cursing at elusive timbres and stuff. bye for now!

fredag den 22. januar 2010

last night we started work on the album. retrieved re-useable files from the demos and sorted out cues for the guys I have helping me out this time. Speaking of... My good friend Kenneth is pushing buttons, recording and producing the damn thing along side myself, my good friend Klaus Mr Q Hedegaard is playing the drums, and my good friend Morten is doing the synth-stuff. The connaisseur of danish bullshit will notice that, yes, that is in fact pretty much Beta Satan, except for Kaare. The live band will be made up of these guys and myself. It's gon' be awesome.

fredag den 15. januar 2010

yo dawgs

This is a blog! It shall henceforth contain the musings of yours truly in regards to the going-ons in Cabin Fever-land. It shall serve as a more in-depth, intimate, journal-y blahblah than the usual look-how-cool-my-band-is-myspace-page. It shall not be pushed upon thee as do some of my dear colleagues with their shameless self-promo. I've had enough of that shit, it is tiresome.

First order of business is a promise to track the development of the recording of the debut album. There will be video, cover art ponderings and a whole lot of me talking out of my ass about stuff I am concerned with during the different processes i'm facing. Why, you ask? I don't know. Does one need a reason for every little thing? If you don't care, then fuck off and don't come a-knocking. But I'd like you to care, being the narcissistic little cunt that I am.

best, johannes