torsdag den 26. august 2010

The new Walkmen-album is awesome.

From the eye of the mix-storm the headquarters generously and selflessly – yes, as your Christ-and-saviour - donates a minute or two to update the throbbing, curious public on the Østjylland-turmoils. Ahem.

First of all. Tonight's poor-man's supper caused a spillage of cod-liver oil onto hands and wooden desk. This has rendered the headquaters somewhat disillusioned. I guess you could call it a straw that broke the camel's back, seeing as mixing is as equally horrific a part of the process of recording an album as singing is. I don't know jack shit about mixing, so it's all up to Kenneth. Ha! He's under a lot of pressure because of the deadlines and his power-life. Tonight he's playing a show with all-star band De Eneste To, for instance. The other day he told me that he had to leave the computer after having worked on a particularly difficult passage to remember to breathe. He literally doesn't breathe properly when he's stressed out. It's so fucked up. Sometimes when I think he's sighing because of a problem regarding the mix, he reminds me that it's just because he occasionally must take deep breaths in order stay alive. Physical ailings aside, it's turning out ok, I suppose. I'm not going to give you the regular industry-'holy shit, it's just so awesome and everything is dandy'-routine, as everything is not. It fucking sucks and I want it to be over and done with. I've spent 10% of my entire life doing this album... Seriously. No shit... Pity me. Pity everyone! Pity! Tuesday – God willing – it'll all be totally fucking over!

By the way. I have settled for the title Tectonics! It's very fitting! Release is still set for either October 11th or 18th. My awesome friend Mogens is working out the artwork as we speak. I'll upload it when it's done :)

Here's a random track order.
  • 1 Agitator
  • 2 Pop Music
  • 3 Oh, the Irony
  • 4 The Human Condition
  • 5 Vendetta
  • 6 It's All About Love
  • 7 Specimen
  • 8 Million Dollar Boy
  • 9 We, The Drowned
  • 10 Spasm
  • 11 Fault Lines
Playing time is around 37 minutes.

Well, let's talk again on mastering-tuesday. Until then... MWUAH!

mandag den 2. august 2010

A holiday-induced update!

The über-maestro of da biz, yebo, requested there be written a new blog entry. And he who asks shall receive.

Allow me to start off on a personal note, talking about my vacation. Just skip down a paragraph if you don't care, so... Still here? Alright. I've been in France with three of my mates. Mr producer-guy Kenneth, drummer extraordinaire Mr Q, and sensational guitarist and all-round good guy Claus of Vestbjerg-fame. We were fortunate enough to be able to spend two weeks in a house in lovely Bargemon, an old village in Provence. We spent the days drinking wine, basking in the sun and trying out this disturbing Chat-roulette. Oh, and Kenneth and I went golfing and sightseeing in the Gorges du Verdon also. It was the best vacation in years and I love my friends to bits and everything was just dandy. We saw gekkoes, giant ants, did some hiking and oh, would you believe it, knocked out a hiphop tune one day on the porch. Perhaps it will see the light of day one sweet day. The Malpractice boxset, or the Beta Satan one. I don't think it'll fit very well with Figurines' material, although it has Claus blasting some vicious rhymes, hehe.

So. What does this have to do with the album we're working on, you ask? Well, it recharged some pretty low batteries and work the coming month doesn't seem as ardous. We also set a wonderful new array of postponed deadlines! I'll give you the scoop in the shortest of terms:

We'll start mixing august 12th. Before that we'll record the last bits – including a brand new, awesome'er version of the bad apple 'Executive this, Executive That'. The various versions we did sucks and one day I had had enough of trying to find a way into the song, so I told Kenneth: Fuck it, delete everything and I'll rethink the damn thing while babysitting my moms dog. And by gawd, it worked! I had half an unfinished song sitting on the hard-drive, which were basically part of the song Agitator in an early version. It never left my mind, and one night as I was falling asleep, it just occured to me, holy fuck, why the hell not use that as the body for this executive song. I totally loved the intro and outro of the executive track, so why not delete everything inbetween, replace that with the old, unfinished song and just go nuts?! It only took two hours to make the elements fit together, and whenever things are that fast, it's a good sign that it's a damn good idea you are working on. And as it turned out – in demo form - it is. Right now, I think it's the best thing on the album! Really huge and lazy and it uses just two notes for the entire duration of the song!

We'll start the mastering process on august 28th. And then the master is done september 1st! Holy shit! And release dates are set for – are you sitting down - either october 11th or 18th. Holy hot dicks in hell!

And what about the album title? Have you thought about that, dude? Yes. Yes, I have. Right now, I want to call it 'Tectonics'. From, like, the geography-terminology. I like the idea of these huge tectonic plates banging into each other over millions of years, creating landscapes. It's so beautiful and very fitting for the lyrical subject matter on the album. There's alot of me banging my head on the world, yet, somehow always succumbing to the forces of nature.

Alright, would that cut it as an update mister label-dawg?

Lots of summer love for everyone,