torsdag den 26. august 2010

The new Walkmen-album is awesome.

From the eye of the mix-storm the headquarters generously and selflessly – yes, as your Christ-and-saviour - donates a minute or two to update the throbbing, curious public on the Østjylland-turmoils. Ahem.

First of all. Tonight's poor-man's supper caused a spillage of cod-liver oil onto hands and wooden desk. This has rendered the headquaters somewhat disillusioned. I guess you could call it a straw that broke the camel's back, seeing as mixing is as equally horrific a part of the process of recording an album as singing is. I don't know jack shit about mixing, so it's all up to Kenneth. Ha! He's under a lot of pressure because of the deadlines and his power-life. Tonight he's playing a show with all-star band De Eneste To, for instance. The other day he told me that he had to leave the computer after having worked on a particularly difficult passage to remember to breathe. He literally doesn't breathe properly when he's stressed out. It's so fucked up. Sometimes when I think he's sighing because of a problem regarding the mix, he reminds me that it's just because he occasionally must take deep breaths in order stay alive. Physical ailings aside, it's turning out ok, I suppose. I'm not going to give you the regular industry-'holy shit, it's just so awesome and everything is dandy'-routine, as everything is not. It fucking sucks and I want it to be over and done with. I've spent 10% of my entire life doing this album... Seriously. No shit... Pity me. Pity everyone! Pity! Tuesday – God willing – it'll all be totally fucking over!

By the way. I have settled for the title Tectonics! It's very fitting! Release is still set for either October 11th or 18th. My awesome friend Mogens is working out the artwork as we speak. I'll upload it when it's done :)

Here's a random track order.
  • 1 Agitator
  • 2 Pop Music
  • 3 Oh, the Irony
  • 4 The Human Condition
  • 5 Vendetta
  • 6 It's All About Love
  • 7 Specimen
  • 8 Million Dollar Boy
  • 9 We, The Drowned
  • 10 Spasm
  • 11 Fault Lines
Playing time is around 37 minutes.

Well, let's talk again on mastering-tuesday. Until then... MWUAH!

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  1. Tectonics er en awesome titel og Kenno er så stor at han vel nærmest burde være hævet over vejrtrækning og andet pøbelværk;-)
    Lyder godt at I er ved at være der - ser meget frem til at lytte...meget!