fredag den 24. september 2010

Good lord. So I am at again. I thought I had had enough of music, but tonight I've come up with a snippet of beautiful music for the first time in months. My friend Emil made a great analogy when he was mastering the album: When women give birth, their brains release a sedative to take the pain in order for the body to want get re-pregnated. See, if the body'd remember the bullshit it has been to go through giving birth, there wouldn't be born any more children. And so the connection to album-makin' is obvious: I have already forgotten how much it sucks! Today I even received an email from Kenneth regarding the fee he's to receive for his work on the album, and he was all like, hey, let's do it again, soon! The irrational necessities of the human soul.

We've started rehearsing 4reals. It's actually going alright. We can almost play every song on the new album and even one or two from the old days. And we have got something extra up our sleeves: Our good friend, Marie of Marybell Katastrophy fame, is coming out to play with us for the three shows in october! Holy fuck! She'll be singing alongside myself! That is so cool. Her voice is a diamond in the rough, and it'll compliment my weak points, vocally. See, I'm used to screaming my head off, and I thoroughly enjoy a good yelling, however, the new songs are more melodic than brutal, and seeing as I have literally zero experience in singing-singing, Maries assistance will come in handy. And she's just totally good fun to be around. So, we're happy she wants to play along!

Hey assholes, buy the two singles here. I mean it. We totally need the cash, and we don't want the new label to think that we ain't never gon' bring home the bacon, do we? So buy a track, buy a couple for your friends too. It's not like you need the money for something else?!



2 kommentarer:

  1. I would like to make a review of your record :) I just made a post of your two singles on my blog.


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